Yuki Hashimoto created promotional items for a San Francisco based Jazz singer, Mayumi Abe. All the photos of her were taken by Yuki Hashimoto.

  • Web site
  • Photos
  • Japan Tour schedule
  • Fund raising flyer
  • Concert poster
  • etc.

Yuki Hashimoto designed materials for Hakone Estate and Gardens, which is located in Saratoga, CA.

  • Hakone Festival flyer
  • Hakone kid's photo shoot flyer
  • Corporate donation letter
  • Hakone Festival program
  • Centennial Anniversary reception ticket


Yuki Hashimoto built a clear and simple web site for an Authentic Japanese restaurant in the South Bay. Per owner's request, the web site was designed so that it doesn't need maintenance, but it seamlessly loads Twitter updates and Instagram updates. The photo was also generated by Yuki Hashimoto.

Mini Card project